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Bacciottini Group was established in Italy, dedicated to the production of high-precision post-press processing equipment, which is famous among Europe market.

Bacciottini: The Printing Post-Press Processing Leader

Bacciottini Introduction:

Bacciottini Group, the printing post-press equipment manufacturing expert in Italy, is well-known in the European market for producing high-precision post-press processors. It specializes in providing diversified printing post-press solutions and is favored by professional printing companies. Through AFSystem, you can access Bacciottini's global product center and experience the most advanced post-press technologies.

Bacciottini: High-End Printing Post-Press Solutions

Bacciottini is a reputable Italian company dedicated to delivering advanced printing post-press solutions. Its portfolio covers bookletmakers, drills, folders and more to meet the diverse demands from professional printers. Below are 

Bacciottini’s flagship offerings:

BUTTERFLY E2F Super Folder

The BUTTERFLY E2F super folder is one of Bacciottini’s star products. It handles paper weights up to 600gsm and features high automation with support for various folding methods. Its special knife device realizes two parallel folds. Even with 600gsm thickness, it ensures no paper deformation during folding. The touchscreen simplifies operation with programmable layouts.

FM Series Heavy-Duty Single Drill Creaser

The FM series heavy-duty single drill creaser is a highly efficient Bacciottini offering. Running at 14,000 sheets per hour with built-in memory for 200 jobs and quick tool changeovers, it is powered by Bacciottini’s proprietary “direct drive” technology for optimal performance. The 7-inch color touchscreen also improves ease of use.

OXO MULTISKILL All-in-one Creasing & Folding Machine

The OXO MULTISKILL is an all-in-one multi-purpose creasing and folding system with simplicity and intuitiveness, delivering both folding and drilling capabilities. Automatic paper feeding inherits Bacciottini's hallmark of sturdy built quality and steady reliability. The 7-inch touch panel allows easy, versatile setups and swift mode changes.

DGLINE 8000 High-Speed Auto-Creaser

The DGLINE 8000 high-speed auto-creaser can process 8,000 sheets per hour. With extensive customization and heavy-duty construction weighing 350kg, it has gained trusts from printers globally. The robust design ensures efficient, reliable operations meeting diverse post-press demands.

D2H HIGH SPEED Precision Heavy Duty Drilling & Creasing Machine

The D2H HIGH SPEED precision heavy duty dual-head drilling & creasing machine supports Z-folding. With spacious embedded memory for production settings, intuitive control by a color touch screen and highly reliable performances, it streamlines efficient post-press processing with drills and creasers changeable within 30 seconds.

Bacciottini’s Distinctions

Bacciottini products feature robust construction, consistent performance, high precision and quality assurance earning global acclaims from print professionals. Advancing operational convenience and steadiness, Bacciottini machines with the “qwerty” job memory technology and 7-inch touch color control place productivity, efficiency and intelligence over peers.

With superb craftsmanship, Bacciottini Group has gained favor from professional post-press enterprises worldwide. Its continuous technological innovations across product families such as BUTTERFLY E2F, FM, OXO MULTISKILL, DGLINE 8000 and D2H HIGH SPEED spearhead the post-press processing arena. By heightening automation, smoothing workflows or enriching output quality, Bacciottini fills strong momentum propelling the printing sector’s advancement. Moving forward, Bacciottini remains dedicated to post-press innovation that unlocks more possibilities for global printing upgrades.


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Bacciottini: The Vanguard of High-Precision Post-Press Equipment

The Bacciottini Group is a renowned Italian company providing advanced printing and post-press solutions, commanding respect in the European market. Bacciottini specializes in manufacturing exceptional bookletmakers, drills and folders to serve diverse printing houses with flagship offerings like:

4. DG LINE 8000 Creasing Machine

Upgrading the 6500 predecessors, the PIT STOP DGLINE 8000 creaser truly optimizes touchscreen controls for simplicity - delivering 8,000 A4 sheets per hour at one-crease production. Tailored for digital/on-demand printing, the DGLINE 8000 handles sizes up to 50x70cm and 400gsm stocks with precision and consistency.

DGLINE 8000 High-Speed Auto-Creaser

8,000 sheets per hour with vast customization capabilities.